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Unfortunately, due to the difficult staffing environment, we are unable to be open on Tuesdays until we can fulfill positions and achieve full staffing again. We sincerely apologize to our loyal Tuesday customers and vow this will not last forever. We appreciate the hard working staff we currently have and wish to ensure they have adequate time off for relaxation and time with friends and family.


If you are interested in being a Lead Manager, or a Crew Member involving customer service, food prep, pizza making, oven baking and/or delivery, stop in or call today!! We offer flexible hours, competitive wages, tips, CSP apparel and unbeatable employee discounts!!

What makes us "Chicago style?"

Visit our Facebook page for a detailed description of the difference between and Chicago deep dish and a Chicago stuffed!

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Our pre-cooked baking option allows you to bring a par-baked pizza home to eat when it is convenient for you!  Keep pre-cooks frozen in your freezer until you are ready to pop them in the oven for a delectable Chicago Style Pizza experience.

Baking Instructions: Pre-heat your oven to 450 degrees and put the pizza directly on the oven rack or atop a pizza stone.  Don't forget to remove the cardboard pizza circle from underneath the pie!  The pizzas take on average about 15 minutes to finish cooking, however the number of toppings, type of crust and size of pizza will alter the cook times.  So stay close and look for these signs indicating doneness:

  • Thin Crust - when the cheese begins to turn golden brown
  • Deep Dish - when the crust begins to turn golden brown
  • Stuffed - the edges will begin to turn golden brown, be sure check the bottom for a beautifully golden brown finish!


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