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Our pre-cooked baking option allows you to bring a par-baked pizza home to eat when it is convenient for you!  Keep pre-cooks frozen in your freezer until you are ready to pop them in the oven for a delectable Chicago Style Pizza experience.

Baking Instructions: Pre-heat your oven to 450 degrees and put the pizza directly on the oven rack or atop a pizza stone.  Don't forget to remove the cardboard pizza circle from underneath the pie!  The pizzas take on average about 15 minutes to finish cooking, however the number of toppings, type of crust and size of pizza will alter the cook times.  So stay close and look for these signs indicating doneness:

  • Thin Crust - when the cheese begins to turn golden brown
  • Deep Dish - when the crust begins to turn golden brown
  • Stuffed - the edges will begin to turn golden brown, be sure check the bottom for a beautifully golden brown finish!

  • COVID-19:​ Be advised, we are continually evaluating the current situation and following all health department guidelines for customer and employee health and safety!  See our online menu for low to no-contact service options and thank you for your continued support through these ​unusual times!​

  • Please protect yourself and others, wear a mask when picking up your pie! Thank you for your cooperation, we appreciate all of you! No mask? No worries! We offer curbside pick up. Please call 269-323-0807 when you arrive and we will assist you.

  • Unsure of what type of chicago style pizza you'd like made special for you? Visit our Facebook page for a detailed description of the difference between and deep dish and a stuffed!